3 Popular Online Learning Platforms on Internet

Today, in the age of internet and virtualization, online learning platforms are getting more familiar among people. Also, due to the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic, online education has occupied a larger space from school children to adults who are working remotely from home. Schools and University are almost closed due to ongoing frequent lockdown.

In this scenario, the only way to continue in the path of education is one and only the online learning websites. Here, we will point out top three online learning sites, that are hitting the online education market, recently, in the world.

Udemy (udemy.com)

With the most demanded courses on design, business, marketing, Information Technology, etc., Udemy is a popular online learning platform that helps you to develop new skills, ultimately assisting you to achieve your goal by providing a big library of different courses. With the courses that are created by expert teachers and instructors, one can really broaden his/her horizon of knowledge and skills.

Coursera (coursera.org)

Being a free learning sites, Coursera offers high ranked courses from different renown universities in the world. The courses comprise of videos that are recorded by instructors and you can watch them whenever and wherever you wish to. It also contains master’s degree Programs, being affiliated by universities. You can also get short term skill developing courses on IT, Music, Design, Marketing, Business, etc.

Skill Share (skillshare.com)

Skill share contains hundreds of courses on technology, photography, gaming, cooking, writing, design, business and marketing. Being a good platform for both teachers and students, it provides a facility of creating step by step classes to teachers. If a student subscribes to the premium package available, the instructor gets a reward of referral compensation. So, it is one of the top online learning platforms of 2020 and 2021.

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