How to Create Windows 11 UEFI Bootable USB Drive ?

Microsoft’s Leaked Windows 11 Beta version ISO file is now everywhere on the internet. It is one of the most searched and downloaded file since May, 2021 as it is considered as the new outline of upcoming official windows 11 update. In order to install this beta version, one needs to create not only simply bootable USB drive, but UEFI Bootable USB Drive, as windows 11 requires UEFI platform to run. Here we will use RUFUS, a third-party software for creating bootable installation media, in order to create a UEFI Bootable windows 11 USB drive.

Step 1 : Download Windows 11 ISO from Microsoft Website. Click here for link.

Step 2 : Download and Install RUFUS. You can search Google for right download link.

Step 3 : After installation, run RUFUS.

Step 4 : Plug a USB Drive (Pen Drive) of minimum 8GB capacity.

Step 5 : “Select” the downloaded ISO file of Windows 11 Beta.

Step 6 : Now, after selecting the iso file, the partition scheme will automatically change to MBR and Target System will change to BIOS(or UEFI-CSM).

Step 7 : Finally, Click on “Start” and then “OK”.

Step 8: Now Rufus will start creating UEFI bootable USB Drive.

Step 9 : Finally, the application will complete creating installation media and a green “Ready” will be shown. “Close” the application and now you can start installing the operating system.

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