How to Download Youtube Videos using Internet Download Manager ?

We are in the age of cloud computing, where everything is stored cloud storage. Few years ago, this was not the same case. For some collection, we had to download video, audio and file contents from the internet and store them locally on our personal storage. Most of the internet users today, have no interest on downloading videos from a super video platform like YouTube, as they are always available to watch, whenever we need. But still, for some reason, if we want to download a video from a website, here we have a perfect solution for it, using one and only the great : Internet Download Manger, shortly called IDM.

Step 1 : Download and Install Internet Download Manager from the website : . You can install a free trial of 30 days and later you can have premium subscription of your choice. Get IDM extensions integrated in your browser either automatically or manually.

Step 2 : Now search for your videos for example in YouTube and play it. Your browser shows a button “ Download this video”. Click on it.

Step 3 : Now, choose the video quality of your choice as below.

Step 4 : Choose “Start Download”

Step 5: Now, it will take some time for download to complete.

Step 6 : When download is completed, you can directly play the video by clicking on “Open” or browser the file location by “ Open Folder”.

Now, you have access to your downloaded files. Congratulations.

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