How to Install Windows 10 in Virtual Box ?

Virtual Box is very popular among IT students, trainers and computer specialists. Researchers in computing technology also use it very often. It is a kind of software where you can install and boot different types of operating systems in a single drive. Oracle Virtual Box, VMWare Workstation, etc. are some of the examples of virtual boxes widely used in today’s computing era. Here we are discussing on installing our very popular, one and only operating system, i.e., Windows 10 in Oracle Virtual Box:

Step 1 : Download and Install the latest version of Oracle Virtual Box, from the official website. (Or you can google it for the right download link).

Step 2 : Run the application and Select “New” tab.

Step 3 : Give name to your new operating system and specify its location. And “Next”

Step 4 : Select the RAM Memory amount to be allocated. And “Next”

Step 5 : Choose “ Create a Virtual Hard disk now”. And “Create”

Step 6 : Select “VDI” as default hard disk file type.

Step 7 : Select “Dynamically Allocated”.

Step 8 : Finally click on “Create”

Step 9 : Now, click on “Start” to start your new machine.

Step 10 : Select your Start up Disk. It is the ISO file of your windows 10 installation. Then Click “Start”.

Step 11 : Now, your new windows 10 iso file will get booted up.

Step 12 : Follow the instructions until the installation is completed.

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