How to Install Windows 10 in your PC : Step by Step Guide

What will you do if your windows operating system is showing problems, needs to be upgraded, or need a clean installation? If you are thinking of taking it to the nearest service center or calling a Technician, stop right here. Here is the easiest solution of the problem, without taking your laptop/pc anywhere outside and without spending a single penny. Below, we are discussing on how to install widows 10 in your PC with the easiest way ever.

Step 1 : Create a Bootable USB Pendrive of Windows 10 ISO file.  You can get a complete guide here :

Step 2 : Insert Windows 10 Bootable Installation Media (Pen Drive) to USB Port and Restart PC.

Step 3 : Now, Windows 10 ISO file will be booted up as given in the picture Below. If your PC doesn’t show Windows 10 Installation Booted Up Screen, then you may need to do additional Boot Settings in your BIOS. You can google for getting help on how to set up boot settings in BIOS.

Step 4 : Now, Click “Install Now”

Step 5 : Click on “ I don’t have Product Key”.

Step 6 : Select the version of windows 10 you want to install and Click “Next”.

Step 7 : Tick on “ I accept the license Terms”.

Step 8 : Click on “Custom” for clean Widows installation. And then Select the drive where you want to install windows 10. Click on “Next”

Step 9 : Now, windows installation begins as in the picture below

Step 10 : Now your PC will get restarted few times . Wait until the windows installation wizard shows “ Select your Region”. Select your country and Click on “Yes”

Step 11 : Select “Keyboard layout”.

Step 12 : Your windows installation wizard now shows “Getting Your Device Ready”. Wait for some time.

Step 13 : Now give a name to your PC and click “Next”.

Step 14 : Finally, your first windows 10 desktop will welcome you. Enjoy and Chill.

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