How to Link your YouTube Mobile to your TV ?

Android TVs so called Smart TVs, are very popular nowadays. They contain all android streaming applications like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, You Tube and many other. Television users who use You Tube in their mobile phones also like to view it in a big screen like that of LCD and LED TVs. They want to modify their You Tube experience in their big TVs as same as they use it in their smart phones. The best way to do that is integrating their You Tube applications to their TV applications. Here, we are discussing in a simple way on how to link Mobile You Tube to an Android TV, connected to a same internet connection.

Step 1 : Make sure that both your smart TV and mobile phone are connected to internet within same Network.

Step 2 : Open “You Tube” Apps in your TV.

Step 3 : Under “Settings” Tab , Choose “Link with TV Code”.

Step 4 : Now the TV code is displayed in the Screen.

Step 5: Open “You Tube” app in your smart phone.

Step 6 : Tap on “Connect To Device” Icon as shown below.

Step 7 : Choose “Link with TV Code”

Step 8 : Now, Input TV code exactly as displayed in the TV Screen and Tap “Link”.

Step 9 : Now, your mobile YouTube app will get linked to your TV. You can handle You Tube in your TV from your mobile phone. Enjoy!!!

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