How to Play Youtube Videos in Mobile Background Without Using Any App

Multi-Tasking in PC or laptop is easy even while running on You Tube videos, music in the background. But when it comes to Smart Phones (Android Pones), it is a little bit difficult to play You Tube in the background and use other applications in your phone. There are some applications that you can use to resolve this issue. But here we are going to show you how to play You Tube in your mobile phone in the background, without using any special apps.

Step 1: Open “Chrome” Browser of your mobile. Go you : and Play a video.

Step 2 : Now, Click on 3 dots on the top right corner of the chrome browser.

Step 3 : Now Tick on “Desktop site” button.

Step 4 : Now the browser will go to Desktop Mode and the video will be Paused automatically. Click on Play Icon again to play the video. Now, minimize the Chrome app. The video will be paused again.

Step 5: Finally, Scroll for notifications. You will see mini You Tube notification tabs. Click on Play Icon. Now, you can use any other apps while listening to your favorite songs/videos. Enjoy!!!

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