How to Record your Computer Screen or your Laptop?

For some reasons, sometimes you may need to take screenshot or videos of your laptop or pc screen. Youtubers who work on technical videos record the screen of their laptop to show some demonstrations or tutorials on certain topics. They show the actual way of solving certain problems in computer with the use of screen video recording. Here, we will guide you on which software to use for and how to record your screen videos fast and easy.

Step 1 : Download and Install DU Recorder. (Visit : and download the application that fits your OS platforms.

Step 2 : Run the application. You can see various options as below :

Step 3 : Click on “Record Screen” and then “Start Recording”.

Step 4 : Now you can do your things in your laptop. Anything you do will be recorded in the video. When you are done, click on “Stop Recording”.

Step 5 : To browse your recorded video, click on “Recorded Video”.

Step 6 : Now you can Play your recorded video.

Step 7 : You can do various settings on “Settings Tab” as below. Enjoy screen recording.

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